paul-stem-mountsI’ve been using these two little bad boys for a while now and thought they where worth sharing. They are two cool stem caps from engineering maestros Paul Components. The one on the left is designed to take any model GoPro and the one on the right a standard night light. You probably wouldn’t want to run them all the time; crashing onto one wouldn’t exactly be comfortable…

The GoPro mount is made of 6061 aluminium and weighs in at 24 grams and comes in silver or black.

Paul-stem-go-pro-02Although you can mount the camera directly to the stem cap, you can really only point it forward with that configuration. To get other options and views like looking back at  yourself you’ll need to use additional articulated pivot arms for more adjustability.


Paul-stem-light-02The light mount has been sweet for commuting but it also works well as an additional light mount for your MTB and sits high and central enough not to cast cable shadows.


You can purchase either stem direct from Paul’s website. For the GoPro stem cap click here and the light stem cap click here.

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