Just got in from watching the Crankworx Slopestyle finals where KELLY MCGARRY finished FIFTH PLACE!  This is a well deserved accomplishment for Kelly, who has been chipping away at the big contest for years now. He stacked his run with lots of flips and twists. His run went like this: 3 drop, flip up then 3 off the Kokanee trailer, alley oop table the quarter bank, then something up the pink elephant to 3 off, massive flip no hander the super mega big booter jump (that only four guys even hit), tweaker up the Monster drop to super drop off, then something off the moustache, to tyre grab up the SRAM levitator berm, to X-up off, to huge flip table into the throng of adoring lady fans.

Cam Zink took first with a super burly and surprising run which included a front flip on the mega booter jump and 360 off the biggest drop in Crankworx history (20ft down, 25ft out). Mike Montgomery and Casey Groves finished second and third. Semenuk, Soderstorm, Watts, and Bearclaw all crashed hard at some point and either didn’t finish their runs or couldn’t continue which goes to show that you have to be clean to clean up in the rough and dirty world of slopestyle.

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