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Andes Pacifico Enduro MTB 4 Stage Race.
Day Three of Andes Pacifico rocked today!!!

Frenchman Jerome Clementz , Enduro world champion, continues leading for the third consecutive day of the first version of the Andes Pacifico by Santa Cruz. Competition began in La Parva, linking the Andes with the Pacific Ocean and will finish tomorrow in the town of Maitencillo.

This day began in Caleu when riders went up the slopes of Cerro El Roble to start the first special test called “La Gozadora” (enjoyer) . This SS had a high difficulty as the trail was immersed in railing ruts made by granitic sand making very technical riding as pedals tended to touch the sides and tyres were sunk 50% in the sand. This SS was won again by Jerome followed by François and Pedro Ferreira who had his best time of the day.

17 (3)

The second SS had a very similar ground but this was located in “La Dormida” area. There, Francois made the same time as local Pedro Ferreira, both 9 seconds ahead of Jerome Clementz .

The third special stage was a bit different than the other two. The terrain was different, flatter in the first half and very rocky, with a section that riders had to walk as the rocks were so large. Here again François took the win with a lead of six seconds on Jerome Clementz and eight on Nico Prudencio .


After ten special stages, the French rider accumulates a time of 1:53 ’47 ” beating his compatriot Francois Bailly-Maitre , with 1:57 ’21 ” and the current monarch Chilean Nicolas Prudencio , barely a second back, with 1:57 ’22 ” . Fourth is 2012 Chilean National Champion Pedro Ferreira, with 2:00 ’57 “, driven by US rider Lars Sternberg, with 2:01 ’13 ” , while in the sixth category is the Spanish Open Iago Garay with 2:03 ’20 “.

In the Master class Frenchman Francois Dola leads with  2:07 ’37 ” , while in women’s first place and provisional favourite Anka Martin with 2:28 ’28 “.

IMG_1514 Andes Pacifico Enduro MTB 4 Stage Race.



Pictures by: Gary Perkin, Sven Martin, Dave Trumpore, Claudio Olguin

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