A great day for the Gorge Road opening was enjoyed by about 40 riders and a steady stream of spectators watching the action.The gusty wind was an issue for a while but calmed down around 6pm making for an awesome last hour or two. Jake “Gypsy” Prebble didn’t let the wind bother him for his runs and pulled a couple of crazy transfers which only Jed Mildon has done before. Paul Langers was his usual upside-down self and they both won the Find Bar $50 vouchers. Conor Macfarlane and Emmerson Wilken were styling it up for the mountain bikers and good to see Brett Frew travel up from the farm and Brad Greenslade come down from Christchurch. Riders of the day were 4 year old twins on their 12 inch bikes who were sending it on the small line and won a 16 inch BMX from Ryan at Outdoor World but their 5 year old brother seemed to grab it first. Dad has about 10 years of standing around jump parks ahead of him it appears.

Words Pete McGarly

Photos Alissa Stegmaier


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