GT Bicycles announced the launch of the all-new 2015 Helion in Park City, Utah yesterday. The Helion is a bike built for good times on the mountain – perfect for a day long pedalfest or a weekend full of cross-country shredding and racing. The Helion is designed for the mountain bike rider interested in a lightweight but stable XC bike. This bike has confidence inspiring handling that lets the rider have a fun and epic time on their ride.



The GT Helion is outfitted with GT’s most efficient pedalling system, the AOS Suspension System, which isolates the drivetrain from the suspension and delivers pedalling forces into forward motion. In addition, the Helion uses the new LOCKR Expanding Axle System which allows for a simpler pivot and lighter pivot assembly, and a lighter bike.


The Three models that will arrive in New Zealand are featured on this page and are the Carbon Pro model, the alloy Expert model and the alloy Comp model. Below is a little refresher on how the AOS suspension works and an detailed look at the new pivot bolt.



To learn more about the Grade and the Helion as well as GT’s other great products, please visit: www.GTBicycles.com and www.GTBicycles.com/kissmyaos.

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