Ever wished you could lock out your front and rear RockShox suspension instantly and simultaneously, to get the extra edge for that final sprint to the finish or the gruelling tarmac climb to the top of your favourite trail? Here comes XLoc Full Sprint, which allows you to lock your SiD or Revelation XX fork and your Monarch XX rear shock with the simple push of your thumb.

XLoc is a completely sealed and dependable lockout control, which works with a single thumb press: push to unlock, push again to lock. It’s that easy. Some of our XC racers admit to using their XLoc as often as their shifter, to gain that extra edge when sprinting out of corners or on smooth bits of the course. Now imagine being able to do the same with your fork and shock, simultaneously: that’s XLoc Full Sprint.

Shipment of these model year 2013 products will begin in August 2013 with select SiD, Revelation and Monarch rear shocks.

Setting up the XLoc Full Sprint remote is a breeze thanks to Connectamajig – a hose-coupler that doesn’t require bleeding for initial setup. Simply route the hose from the rear shock to the remote, connect, and you’re ready to roll. XLoc Full Sprint is mounted on a MatchMaker X clamp for seamless integration with your SRAM shifters and avid brakes.


The new RockShox SID and Revelation retain all the character, which made them two of the most successful XC and Trail forks ever, while enhancing control and comfort for all riders. Both are now available in 26”, 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes to serve all mountain bikers. SID is the most successful XC racing fork ever, with a tally of Olympic, World and World Cup titles too long to mention, available in travels from 80 to 120mm. Revelation combines the best of RockShox engineering to provide a trail fork from 120 to 150mm of travel with record breaking weight. Both SID and Revelation feature the Motion Control DNA damper, which has been reworked and updated to deliver the best performance on the trail.

The Dig Valve is the name of the latest addition to the damping circuit on both SID and Revelation. RockShox has re-designed the rebound piston to accommodate the Dig Valve, which provides the optimal level of control for both low and high speed compression, carefully controlling the oil flow to provide the rider with the right amount of support and impact absorption. The piston redesign allows the use of Rapid Recovery, a rebound tune that allows the shock to recover faster between consecutive bumps, for greater traction and a more controlled ride.

Motion Control DNA is available exclusively on SID and Revelation, in four models tailored for each individual riding style:
XX – Designed for riders looking for more efficiency. The XX Motion Control DNA damper features RockShox’s XLoc hydraulic remote lockout for the lightest, most ergonomic go-fast solution.
RCT3 – Designed for riders looking for more bump gobbling performance. The new RCT3 damper features three distinct knob positions – Open (with low speed compression adjust.), Threshold and Lock.
RLT – Designed for riders who are looking for more stable ride. Featuring the adjustments of Motion Control – compression-to-lock with adjustable threshold.
RL – For riders looking for a more simple approach to suspension set up. The Motion Control DNA spring tube and refined Dual Flow rebound mated to compression-to-lock adjustability with a factory set threshold.


Monarch RT3 paved the way last year with the introduction of Rapid Recovery with its all new damper design: now the rest of the family follows. The entire Monarch family now is tuned with Rapid Recovery.

In addition to the new Rapid Recovery rebound tune, Monarch XX, Rl, Rt, and R have improved compression circuits that improves compression bump performance while expanding the tuning flexibility for bike brands, allowing even further refinement to their chosen tune. These refined beauties run smoother, quieter and more consistent than any previous version of Monarch.

That new bulge at the bottom of the new air can isn’t an extraneous industrial design feature, it’s a redesign of the negative air volume in the Solo air spring system that improves small bump performance.

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