Stan’s NoTubes, the leader in tubeless technology, is pleased to announce the ZTR Valor carbon wheelset. The Valor features the first carbon rim with genuine NoTubes’ Bead Socket Technology for tubeless use. Available in 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ sizes, with multiple axle options and an 11-speed XD driver option, the Valor features a 3.30 Disc Ti hub, 24/28 spoke pattern and individually reinforced spoke holes. The added rim width and lower sidewalls of NoTubes rims increase tyre volume for less rolling resistance. Far from just another “carbon copy,” the more precise and consistent manufacturing process developed for the carbon fiber rim of the Valor sets a new standard in tubeless technology and carbon fiber rim design.


Lighter and stronger than aluminum rims, the Valor’s carbon rim lay-up is engineered to absorb radial vibrations adding suspension to a bike, making the ZTR Valor Carbon the most advanced wheelset NoTubes has ever produced. Non-compliant heavy rims that deliver a harsh abusive ride have become the standard from most companies producing carbon rims. ZTR Valor utilizes a construction that is both elastic and strong. Stan’s NoTubes has constructed a light weight carbon fiber rim design not just to be stronger than aluminum but also to perform better in real world riding conditions.


“The truth is we could have made a carbon fiber rim years ago,” said Stan Koziatek, CTO and Co-Owner of Stan’s NoTubes, “but it wouldn’t have been a genuine NoTubes rim. High Spots of extra resin, ragged seams and overlaps, and shape and width deviations have somehow become acceptable on wheelsets costing several thousand dollars, but we require much higher tolerance. It took us years to find a technology and manufacturer able to consistently produce this rim”

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