Karl Bensemann, unquestionably one of the most shreddiest Kiwi riders, has taken a big step and taken over the distribution of Black Market bikes and components in Australia. His company is called Private Distribution. Go check out the webber HERE. The reverberations of the BLKMRKT/S&M split some time ago may or may not have resulted in Elite Cycles dropping Black Market so the poor old Aussies were left with no one to get their beloved parts from. In steps long time rider of Black Market products, Mr Bensemann.

Don’t get confused kids, Wide Open still deal with the distro of Black Market in New Zealand.

Black Market have a host of awesome new stuff about to hit shores and stores very soon, including the new Malice and Soldier completes which replace the Three57, the Killswitch (could be the perfect all rounder bike for people that travel a lot and need a burly jumper and trail bike?), new seats, stems, bars, the fixie, and maybe a very special bike to jump into a very popular category of bike…hmmm.

Anyway, Karl is a f-ing stand up guy and I’m stoked he has taken the plunge into the business, but he has done so out of love and belief for the brand, not some money grabbing scheming. If you are an Aussie in Aussie then drop the beer and give Karl a call. If you are a Kiwi stuck in Aussie like Karl, then call Karl and he will put you in touch with some other poor souls.


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