Trax MTB Tow Device


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Designed to be mounted at the seat post of any bike allowing it to tow another one. The traction is made by a Kevlar wire and a mechanical system designed to pick it up back and to avoid any possibility to become tangled to the wheel.


  • 1 TRAXmtb
  • 6 Nylon flanges
  • User manual


Color: Black
Weight of the device – 95g
Sizes of the seat post – From 27.2 to 31.6mm
Type of closure – Adaptable closure with a nylon flange
Sizes – 60x50x50mm
Material – Kevlar KV1500
Length – 1,90m
Maximum weight per towed cyclist – 90kg / 200lbs
Maximum recommended speed – 10km/h / 6mph

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