There’s nothing better than coming back from a ride and finding a courier package on your doorstep. Actually there is probably whole bunch of things that are better but new stuff is always cool. Anyhow ABD product manager John Oldale had mentioned that ABD had produced a nice thin simple “barely there” glove that I should check out (knowing that I had a penchant for SixSixOne Rajis). My first impressions of ABD’s Flat Out glove are pretty darn positive, although they only involve squashing a spider and sweeping up my 1 year old’s dinner off the floor. They squash spiders pretty good, and they sweep with ease; the seamless silicon grip covers the entire palm and fingers of the glove which gives you a solid slip-free purchase on the broom handle, there’s a micro fibre thumb wipe, and the outer is a super thin breathable mesh. Oh did I mention we have two pairs to give away? Head over to our Facebook page to find out how. If you can’t be bothered entering you can buy them here.

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