Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero Off-Road Balance Bike

Micro-adventures with miniature humans

Words and images: Tim White

With the demands of modern city life always competing for our attention, it’s not always easy to get out for epic rides—work, chores, day care, school, kids’ parties and sports practice tend to push adventures down the list of household priorities. 

As a rider deeply immersed in the throes of child rearing, it can feel like getting outside on the bike is a million miles away. Luckily, I have a solution for fellow riders with miniature humans. And, if you like to live life with some spontaneity, then keep reading, because I also have some good news. 

I began these mini adventures recently with my son, Ezra. He’s at an age when even the mention of the word “bike” evokes cheers and a scramble to find his helmet.  

The strategy is simple: look outside, and if it’s not raining—heck, even if it is—just yell “BIKE!” You have approximately two minutes to get your gear together for the ride. The only things you need to remember are an essential nappy, spare pants, and wipes. A rain jacket is also a bonus. 

The strategy is simple: look outside, and if it’s not raining—heck, even if it is—just yell “BIKE!”

Forget the finely chopped apple, trail mix, and coconut water, all you need is your sense of adventure and a willingness to throw caution to the wind. Luckily, the only thing you won’t have to pack is the kid’s helmet—that’ll already be on (though whether it’s on correctly is anyone’s guess). 

Although my wife’s worst nightmare is being under-prepared to take a 2-year-old into the world, I’ve found that grasping the opportunity for those rare, unplanned moments in the day is the best chance for adventure. 

These micro-adventures can be as simple as a trip to the dairy or as ambitious as our latest mission—heading through Devonport’s backroads to ride the Badd-Lands at Woodall Park.

I’ve even made a rack so Ezra’s Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero balance bike can be strapped onto the front, allowing us to cover the distance between mini-riding spots in the area. 

Ezra loves his Dirt Hero. It’s the right size for him to scoot along happily with his feet on or off the ground as he builds confidence and learns those balance and steering skills essential to riding anything on two wheels. The miniature, 12-inch knobby Vee Tire Crown Gem tyres mean that he can go from footpath, to pump track and dirt with no problems. Best of all, it looks like a proper bike, like the one Dad rides.

The Dirt Hero is available in 12 and 14-inch wheel sizes and can come with or without a rear Magura disc brake. Go to the Kids Ride Shotgun website to see the full range and prices.

Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero Off-Road Balance Bike 12″ RRP$540