Mountain bikers often ride other bikes. They commute, which means riding on the road. That can be just as—or more dangerous than—blasting down singletrack or flying off jumps. Mountain biker, road rider and commuter Kah Chan has set up a new website designed to not only get more people onto bikes, but to help them ride safely. Bike Everywhere features videos on commuting routes around Wellington and tips on how to negotiate the city.

Check it out here…

“BikeEverywhere is an initiative to encourage more people to cycle (well, everywhere) by helping cyclists navigate the busiest routes in and out of the central business district.

BikeEverywhere has produced a video series that is shot from a cyclist’s point of view and shows a new cyclist how to best handle the challenges of cycling on the road in Wellington. These videos show some alternate routes that are more cyclist-friendly, demonstrate safe behaviour at unavoidable tricky intersections, and highlight the fantastic cycling opportunities in Wellington.

BikeEverywhere started in 2011 as the BikeWise Commuter Series with the support of the Greater Wellington Regional CouncilNew Zealand Transport Agency‘s BikeWise initative, Revolve Cycling and Victoria University‘s School of Design. In 2012, the Wellington City Council and Bike Wellington are now also involved in expanding the number of routes covered, and promoting cycling as a viable form of transport in the city.

BikeEverywhere is a research project by Kah Chan. He is supported by the Wellington City Council, Victoria University’s Summer Scholarships, and his Summer Scholar – Chris Callus. The video volunteers are from the Greater Wellington Regional Council (Thanks Claire, Sam, Simon, and Susan), the good sorts from Bike Wellington (Ash) and Bushlove Racing (Sam), and from the School of Architecture (Jack).”

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