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Big air, big hair, stunning scenery and photography… this video has it all.

Best known for his breathtaking downhill footage culminating in a flip over a 72-foot-long canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage 2013, Kelly McGarry does not shy away from extremes. So we took him and fellow rider Jeremy Lyttle to the highest and most remote place he’s ever been: Khardung La in the Himalayas—supposedly the highest vehicle-accessible mountain pass in the world at 18,380 feet (5,602 m)—and let them have the downhill ride of their lives.

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Written & directed by Colab Creative
Executive Producer: Hadassa Haack
Producer & Editor: William Lascelles
Principal Cinematography: Jason Hancox and William Lascelles
2nd camera: Olya Dendyaeva
Sound design by Ludwig
Special thanks: our man on the ground, Rossi, and our driver Bhanudas.

Special thanks:
William Lascelles, Jase Hancox and and Olya Dendyaeva – a massive effort for a small crew. Thanks also to our man on the ground, Rossi, and our driver Bhanudas.


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  1. Rode the Khadung Lah back in mid 1995 on my GT LTS as part of riding from Leh to the bottom of the Kulu valley, the climb up to there from Leh fair broke me but a great ride back down playing games with the Indian army trucks…. Man I want to go back, such a cool area.

  2. Yeah rode some of those same single tracks off the Khadung La back in 2007. Rode a number of others further to the north and also to the west beyond the village of Stok. Lots of long steep climbs, carrying and pushing for hours (no road access), but outrageously long and fun downhills as payback. All solo. No film crews or flash Merc’s either. Them pro rides are a bit soft eh!!

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