I’d heard rumours of the new Pike Fork surfacing a while ago, but with Sea Otter just around the corner I was sure it would be released then. Add to the mix Rob Eva from SRAM Australasia letting me know yesterday that a whole slew of products would be coming out at the Sea Gerbil festival; with these three released today who knows what could be next! But in the mean time here’s the guff on the three new products announced today. The relaunched Pike (the old one was possibly the best fork RockShox ever made), the new Monarch Plus (featuring the Rapid Recovery feature that was recently unveiled on the Vivid shocks that you’re not allowed to buy) and finally another upgrade to the Reverb, in the form of a detachable hose for the Stealth called the Conectamajig. I’m just chasing up local prices and availability for these items…

Pike – Don’t call it a comeback
A comeback has never been so amazing. After taking a few years off, PIKE comes back in the RockShox lineup, as the ultimate trail fork. Your trail could be a silky smooth ribbon of singletrack, or a rock-infested goat trail in the Alps. Either way, there is a PIKE for you. All wheel sizes, with 26”, 27.5” and 29” options, and 160mm and 150mm travel models, plus a 140mm version for the 29” platform. The RCT3 damper is available in either Dual Position Air or a Solo Air version to complete the offering.

PIKE is as stiff as a Lyrik, thanks to its 35mm stanchions and chassis, but at a trail fork weight. How so? The lower legs
are asymmetrical, to maximize stiffness and precision on the braking side and save precious grams on the damper side. The 160mm 26” version clocks in at a svelte 1,837 grams (4.05 pounds).

The all new 15mm Maxle Lite featured on PIKE requires no tools to adjust the lever position or secure the wheel, and provides an even more solid and reliable interface between the fork and wheel.


Simply put, the all-new Charger damper we developed for PIKE is the most refined damper RockShox has ever produced. It’s a bladder-charged damper, which means it has consistent performance even during the longest, hardest descents, plus it allows complete control for the trail with open, pedal and lock positions (RCT3 version). A Rapid Recovery rebound circuit completes what many testers have described as the “best RockShox fork ever made.”

2014 Monarch Plus
In 2014 the new Monarch Plus has even more to offer. Providing traction-gaining suppleness, giving you more control over any type of terrain – all in a lightweight bombproof package. Proven Rapid Recovery, and Solo Air technologies come standard for this lightweight big hitter. Now with twice the rebound range, the new Monarch Plus allows you to take your riding to levels you never thought possible with a short and mid travel air shock.

We have trimmed the fat and added muscle: new sleek adjusters, a lower profile air valve location all while achieving quieter action. The new RockShox Monarch Plus will give you the extra confidence and control in the scariest situations.

With Rapid Recovery, your rear wheel can return to the ground faster upon consecutive hits, giving you greater precision and control no matter what the trail throws at you. With Monarch Plus your all mountain or trail machine will get a massive ego boost in any terrain… maybe even you.

With printed Sag Gradients on the damper body and Solo-Air adjustability, initial set up and on the fly tuning has never been so simple.

Available with an RC3 or R damper, coming in two different colors, and five different sizes, the 2014 Monarch Plus will have you covered no matter what you ride, or how you want to look doing it. Now with
a damper design similar to its big brother Vivid Air, the new Plus will have you thinking you’re on a long travel DH bike, slowing down might be your only problem now.

Reverb – Connectamajig

As far as the Reverb goes, the 34.9 seat post size is now available in all configurations and the Stealth now features the Connectamajig hydraulic quick-release for the remote control hose. Connectamajig makes it a breeze to route the hose into the frame when assembling the seatpost on a bike, and allows for several disconnects and reconnects before a system bleed is required.

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