Suspension giant RockShox has done its homework with the Reverb and released a post that ticks all the right boxes. Side to side play? Nope—three keyed channels make sure your seat always points forward. Saddle tilting backwards at the most inopportune time? Nope—the tried and true two bolt system makes sure that your saddle stays in exactly the same position. Sticky remote? Nope—the Reverb utilises a hydraulic actuated remote lever.
As a bonus, if you’re running SRAM shifters the Reverb remote is MatchMaker compatible, for nice tidy handlebars. The remote also features a simple dial that can be adjusted, while still wearing gloves, to alter the seatpost’s rebound and compression speed. I have the dial set somewhere in the middle as I’ve found that slow compression makes it that much easier to set the seat at the height you want.

I’ve been riding with the post for three months now and there’s been no noticeable side-to-side play. After a month of use I did notice a fraction more fore and aft play, but RockShox designer Jeremiah Boobar informed me that the post is designed with a tiny level of forward and backward play to accommodate varying seat collar clamp forces; if the post had less tolerance and was installed with a high clamp force then its travel would be compromised. After pulling my Reverb apart, RockShox discovered that the post’s bushings and keys showed zero signs of wear but the bushing in the collar was a tiny bit on the small side. They replaced the bush and the seat has felt perfect ever since, with only the intended amount of fore and aft play.
Throw in the fact that there’s a 420 mm version for us extra-large people and it’s clear that the Reverb has earned the coveted top spot in the fierce adjustable seatpost market. CALEB SMITH

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