sam brown port
In NWD 3 a young Kiwi kid with a Canadian father had a pretty darn memorable section. His name was Sam Brown and he made and rode the deconstructed wheel among other things. Bike magazine even did a story on him. He then drifted into MTB folklore and wasn’t heard from again, well not until news came out that he’d hung himself in jail. Sentenced to a minimum of five years for trafficking “BC Bud” across the US border, he chose death over jail time at the tender age of 24.

sam brown wheel

A couple of days ago the Canadian Broadcasting Company aired a 45 minute documentary on Sam’s career and demise. I watched it last night and it’s definitely very interesting, insightful and well worth a watch. You can check it out streaming here on the CBC site and if you are down with torrents you can download the full episode here.

And the latest news is that 90210’s Jason Priestly has purchased the rights to make Sam’s story into a feature film… Brandon Semenuk as Sam?

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