Bantam_3-4_GRNWow, I’d hate to be a Santa Cruz distributor right now. I mean with the already massive lineup of 26″ wheeled bikes it seems like there’s now a separate 27.5 model for each of them. That’s a massive range of bikes to keep on hand. So anyway the medium wheeled 125mm single pivot Bantam was announced at Eurobike today and below are all the details and a whole shedload of images.Bantam_Profile_BLKBANTAMSharing the same mega-agile geometry as the Solo, the Bantam punches way above its weight for a trail bike in this category.
125mm of single-pivot suspension and a robust collet pivot axle system create a rock-solid trail tool that’s as awesomely simple as it is tough.
27.5″ wheels deliver those fabled rolling benefits without compromising maneuverability, leaving the Bantam fired up to go the distance if you are.

• Total frame weight: 6.87 lb (3.12 kg) M size with Fox Float CTD evolution shock. • 5” (125mm) single-pivot travel.
• 27.5” wheels.
• Dual bottle cage mounts.
• New 142mm x 12mm rear axle spacing – easier wheel installation. • Collet axle pivot – locks in place without pinch bolts.
• Angular contact bearings maximize stiffness.
• Standard or direct mount rear derailleur hanger.
• ISCG-05 chainguide compatibility.
• 73mm threaded BB for creak-free riding and easy installation. • Two color options:
• Gloss green w/white decals
• Satin black w/white decals
• Please see your local dealer for bike and frame pricing options and availability.












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  1. Cam someone explain the video clip ?I’m lost.
    Often I like to ride my bike to rediscover myself, but this didn’t help.
    Should I buy a rope and climbing gear ?

  2. Having ridden in the Sierras I totally get this. On a number of rides we came across dudes building trail like this guy. Bike off to the side, steel caps on. Moving big rocks onto the trail to make a feature or whatever. Unable to avoid the pun I have to say Tirfor-style hand winches rock! Not too keen on that name though……Com’on SC, you can do better than that. And a bit curious as to why you’d not just buy the 27.5 Heckler. Guess if you are in the market for a Solo but don’t have the coin then this is a good option.

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