It’s news that most knew already but as of today it’s official. Neko Mulally is now riding for the Scott/Gstaad team. For the Scott/Gstaad team though it’s been a matter of out with most of the old and in with the new with Emilie Siegenthaler, Patrick Thome and Noel Niederberger all departing Scott for 2015.

US athlete Neko Mulally, who finished fourth at the 2014 MTB Worlds in Hafjell,Norway (“Chainless Mulally”), has joined Brendan Fairclough to form the new Gstaad-SCOTT Downhill Team. And while you are reading this the two are already working on the new bike setup together with SCOTT and FOX. Both will be riding the 2015 SCOTT Gambler 710.Screen-Shot-2015-01-08-at-10.51.18-AM

This is what team manager Claudio Caluori has to say, “Working with Neko has been amazing right from the start. I couldn’t believe how clear, straight forward and target-oriented this young fellow is, and how easily he has made things happen to get going with the bike testing. I can’t wait to go to the World Cups with Brendan and Neko, and to see them chase each other down the mountain.”

Sports director Cyril Lagneau also feels the positive vibes heading into the new season, stating that, “Neko is surprisingly professional at his young age. We are making big progress with regards to the product development since he has come on board as he gives us very specific feedback on what we can improve.”

“Working with Neko has been amazing right from the start. I couldn’t believe how clear, straight forward and target-oriented this young fellow is.”
Claudio Caluori, Team Owner, Gstaad-SCOTT Downhill Team

Neko, coming off a great season last year has been quite eager to share the news. “I am so stoked to finally announce my new ride! I have put in the hours on this bike, and I really feel like it suits my riding style very well. Continuing on with FOX and many other sponsors that I am familiar with, along with great communication between SCOTT, the team, and myself has made the transition easy. Riding alongside Brendan will be sick- I think we are both going to have a great time and kick some ass this year!”

Brendan is also looking forward to having Neko on board. “It’s great to have another top rider on the team. We have already had a great time riding and hanging out in France during preseason together and are looking forward to a great race season ahead. Neko has a good relationship with FOX and an extremely professional attitude towards racing- hoping that can help us both get the results we want and make this bike and team the fastest on the circuit.”




Neko Mulally has a new ride, and is one happy fella’.
PHOTOS: Hansueli Spitznagel and Brice Shirbach

Gstaad-SCOTT re-structured the team in order to increase the efficiency within the team and also to intensify the cooperation with existing partners in order to get the maximum out of the relationships and to provide the best environment possible for athletes.

Emilie Siegenthaler, Patrick Thome and Noel Niederberger have gone in different directions in 2015 and won`t be part of the team anymore.
The 2015 Gstaad-SCOTT DH team line-up (clockwise from top): Neko Mulally, Sports Director Cyril Lagneau, Brendan Fairclough, Mechanic Ben Vergnaud, Mechanic: Logan Mulally (not pictured).

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