Mountain biking is what we all love. At SCOTT Sports, we are 100 percent committed to our greatest passion. No one can stop us from improving bikes. Technologies are constantly evolving and when it comes to improving the overall riding experience, we`ve always been at the forefront of progression. Plus technology is literally the next big thing in our sport. We have come up with not only a great Plus bike line-up, but furthermore with smart solutions that will make the difference.

Plus opens up a new horizon, and we believe it is here to stay.


Mountain Biking never stands still. Standards are not written in stone as long as we are constantly improving what we love most: Mountain Biking. Wheel and tire sizes have always been and always will be a hot topic- we have seen this more than ever in the past three years. With the new Plus size, there is a new dimension emerging. Tire width has been underrated for too long. We are confident that the 27.5 Plus addition to existing wheel size geometry standards will make its way into the mountain biker’s vision.

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Plus Benefits: Tech & Facts Report Plus Line-Up

While competitors have introduced the wider 3.0” tire width, SCOTT engineers found out that 2.8” is the optimum for Plus to guarantee best handling and to avoid the walking effect. Based on Schwalbe`s testing data, the size of the contact patch of a 2.8” tire (Nobby Nic) is increased by 21% compared to a 2.35” tire (Nobby Nic). Tested with standard tire pressure (1.7 bar/2.35” vs. 1.0 bar /2.80”), the test indicates significantly better traction for the Plus sizes.
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ncreased traction is not the only benefit of Plus sized bikes- check out what other effects larger tires have on your riding experience.



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