steggo-black-frontScott’s MIPS equipped Stego all-mountain helmet isn’t new to us here at Spoke; I’ve been running one for the past year and have been blown away by its fit (although it hasn’t been available here in New Zealand) and in the latest issue of Spoke, Brett swoons over the non-MIPS equipped Mythic. Well the good news for you is that that Scott’s New Zealand distributor has decided that New Zealand now deserves the MIPS version and will be releasing the Black/Orange version in two sizes from September. RRP is set at $269.99 and it will be available in two sizes, medium and large. Unfortunately the green version won’t make it to our shores, the non-MIPS version though will be available in four colours (Black, White, Blue, and Orange) and sizes from small through to large. RRP is set at $214.00 and stock will be arriving in New Zealand stores from September on.steggo-black-backOther than a colour change—well it’s more a colour reversal—the Stego hasn’t really changed much, although the already stellar MRAS fit system has been further refined and now offers 32 clicks of adjustment over last year’s 16, providing the user with a more custom and finely tuned fit. steggo-green-frontSorry, if you want green you’re out of luck.      arx-mips-frontFor 2014 Scott had one helmet in the lineup featuring MIPS technology. For 2015 they have upped that to four and the new ARX MTB PLUS will no doubt make the XC set a little happier. The ARX MTB PLUS also features Scott’s MRAS II fit system and with the MIPS liner it weighs in at 280grams (for a size medium). Again for New Zealand, it’s only available in black, but with a few splashes of red it’s got just the right amount of head-turning action. The removable visor lets it perform double duties as a race lid and I’m pretty sure as of now MIPS is only available in other brands’ all-mountain ranges. RRP on the ARX MTB PLUS is also worth writing home about, at $199.99 it’s one of the more affordable MIPS equipped helmets out there.arx-mips-side The ARX MTB PLUS fit system also features 32 clicks of engagement thanks to the MRAS II dial, as well as three height settings. Its classic profile is well suited to the less ‘look at me’ rider and its increased airflow over the Stego may get it a few fans.arx-mipsWhat is MIPS? It’s pretty damn tech (watch the below video) but essentially when your head hits the ground at an angle in a crash, the independent yellow liner rotates, radically reducing damage to the brain and neck. The MIPS liner is available on other brands’ helmets and also on a couple of other models in the Scott helmet line. Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 3.04.44 PM

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