At the Scott launch, on top of releasing the three new 650b/medium sized wheel bikes, Scott also released a new Enduro helmet the Stego. Well technically it’s two helmets, as there are two versions, one featuring MIPs (the Steggo) and the other without (the Mythic). Like most Enduro/All Mountain helmets coming these days, the Stego features solid low rear head coverage, a nice short removable visor and like its competitors it designed for use with goggles.


The side profile, is nice and short, but fit and ventilation aren’t compromised. There is increased side coverage as well with the recessed ear coverage. Also the top of the helmet has limited vents and a large surface for compatibility with the sticky mounting pads on all manufactures helmet cams.


The rear vents pull the air through from the large front vents… Twin brow vents, keep your padding dry and your forehead cool. Large front vents huge internal channels and extensive rear exhausts ensure ventilation.


And this is the MIPs… Its pretty damn tech (watch the below video) but essentially when your head hits the ground at an angle in a crash, the independent yellow liner rotates, radically reducing damage to the brain and neck. The MIPs liner is available on other brands helmets and also on a couple of other models in the Scott helmet line. RRP for the MIPs equipped Stego is set to be around the $299 mark and the non MIPs model is set to cost around $199.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 3.04.44 PM


Scott’s MRAS II dial closure system is right on the money, nice and small and super comfortable and easy to adjust… I’ve been wearing the helmet for the last few weeks and can’t believe how well it fits, and there are no pressure points. It wasn’t the warmest in Switzerland and it’s been pretty shit back here so there have been no problems with over heating but only summer will tell, but for now the Stego definitely gets Spoke recommendation!


Oh and just so you know you won’t be able to buy it in this colour as they made this one special for the Press… Crazy huh? I think it will be available here in NZ in matte black…

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  1. Any word on availability? I was about to pull the plug on one of their other MIPS helmets..then I saw this, the want is high.

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