So unfortunately I didn’t make it out to Sea Otter this year (or any other year for that matter!) so we’ve got to ‘borrow’ content from around the interweb to keep y’all up to play.
The vid above is from the Speed and Style Event (explained after the break). Looks like it was a killer event with all the necessary ingredients for the crowd and riders to be stoked!
HERE is a highlight reel from the Dual Slalom, another killer event for both riders and spectators (terrible music though and disabled embed so hit the LINK)…..“Speed and Style explained: To win you must show speed and style! The riders drop in on mirrored courses, one is red course and one is black. The first thing they hit is a trick jump and are judged on style, the rider who does a better trick over the jump will get a .5 second advantage. Then the riders must race the pump track and then hit the jump one more time and judged again on style. If a rider takes both of the tricks jump points he has a 1 second advantage! So maybe one rider is faster then the next, but if he can’t do a better trick than other rider then he might not win.” Thanks Pinkbike.

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