Last night I went to see Senna, the movie of the greatest race car driver of all time. If you aren’t already twitching to see it then let me tell you that, in my humble opinion, it is perhaps one of the most beautifully sculpted edits in modern movie history. It documents his amazing racing career right up until the unthinkable happened in Imola in May 1994. I have never seen so many people leave a cinema either crying or concealing tears. I confess that I had to choke back some tears too as it reminded me so strongly of that awful day on 1st May 1994 when the whole world watched the great man die right there on our screens. Being a fourteen year old F-1 fanatic I remember sitting in front of the TV with my father as we both cried in disbelief. However, the movie isn’t just a tear jerker, it is also an incredible inspiration for what can be achieved if you believe strongly enough in something. It also shows that you must stand up for your self when you are wronged and to not be pushed around by the so called elite.

Here’s the trailer…

…and the Top Gear tribute which gives a fantastic overview of what made him so special.

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