Two girls who took part in the riots in Croydon on sunday night were recorded by a BBC news reporter bragging about how much fun it was and that they hope it continues. There reason for their display of public hooliganism was that they were ‘showing the rich we do what we want’, which sounds awfully like something Little Britain character, Vicki Pollard would say. The video can’t be embedded but here is the LINK.

Also, in Spoke’s Stupid London Rioter Round-up we have the footage that emerged of a group of youths helping an injured boy to his feet and then appearing to steal the contents of his bag during disturbances in London on Monday. The boy, who was bleeding heavily, was left standing on the street, with an empty backpack. Watch the pinnacle of humanity HERE.

And probably not finally because I’m sure more amazing dickhead story and footage will emerge, we have the muppet who found one of the lamest missiles and then made it even lamer…Watch a great example of the planets most evolved species acting like a dickhead HERE.

For some of the funniest photos of the ‘party of the century’ as it is becoming known by certain sections of track suit wearing hooligans then click HERE for

The above Vicki Pollard photo is a screen grab from an episode of Little Britain so don’t hate me for it and the rioting photo is from BBC News In Pictures.

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