Over the last couple of years there has been a debate over when it is the ten year anniversary of the Bowenvale dirt jumps in Christchurch. I know that it is this year, because I had just turned twenty two when Andrew Costain, Andrew Ireland, Sam Nutira, Mike Armstrong and I first picked up the shovels and began to dig and pick out the beginnings of the Christchurch Mountain Bike dirt jump scene on that rainy November day. Many other trails have come and gone over the years but Bowenvale has stood strong. Earthquakes, floods and even some times of neglect have not managed to completely knock down these jumps, and whenever they get a little knocked back they always get rebuilt to even bigger glory. I have some great memories of these jumps over the past ten years, and even though my older body doesn’t allow me to jump anymore, I still look forward to seeing what is happening in my old stomping ground. So here’s to ten great years (this November) and hope there is even more to come!