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Calm before the storm. Riders make there way up to Dream Track.
Some sideways action from the inaugural Vertigo Bikes Whip off comp, part of the Atlas Wynyard Jam in Queenstown. Riders came from far and wide, including a strong World Cup race scene presence, to try their luck at the $500 cash prize for the most tweaked out whip of the evening. Beers drank, laughs had and wheels surely buckled. Bernard Kerr taking the top spot, showing us it’s not all stoppie Sundays he’s capable of. Cheers to Vertigo Bikes for putting on the entertainment, here’s to many more years of hucking to flat!

Bernard Kerr holding it out there for the win. Brook in close following.

Conor Macfarlane feeling right at home on the big jumps. He threw down some ridiculously corked out flips later into the session.

How Sam Blenkinsop rode out some of these whips is beyond my knowledge. Wheel sets were punished for sure.

The Spirit himself practising for the 2015 EWS. No tapes to cut here.

Remy Morton showing us one of the many reasons Hutchinson Polygon picked him up. Wyn Masters in close pursuit.

Up Close and personal with Tyler Brooker

We think McGazza could flip just about anything. #cantwhipitflipit

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Not content with take out the first round of the New Zealand Nationals up Cardrona bike park, Greg Williamson thought he would try his luck at the $500 cash prize. Good effort.

George Brannigan facing the hecklers.

Sideways in flight.

Joel Tunbridge cutting loose for the crowd.

Blenki and Brook product testing.

he Flip Fail. Healing vibes out too Cole Lucas.

Bernard with a toboggan on the set up jump.

Trek World Racing train.

Eddies unique style.

Pang of Vertigo bikes handing over the cash to its rightful owner. Who was then faced with a proposition...

Bernard put in the spotlight to split the cash. $50 to Remy, $50 to Reon. Reon making sure he gets his share.

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