The latest issue of one of Spoke’s favourite magazines dropped yesterday, and the May issue of Bike was packed with a bunch of ads that caught us by surprise, well just a little. First up was Easton’s ad for the once ground breaking Haven handlebar. It was one of the first bars to make the move to 710mm (711mm) but has been slower to make the next jump. Well as of today, it’s now common knowledge that they’ve moved out to 750mm and adopted the new 35mm diameter standard that Easton launched two years ago with the Havoc bar. If you were a keen trainspotter you would have noticed that the Bronson we reviewed two issues back was in fact sporting the 35mm Haven bar…

Next up was this little tease. If you’ve seen Anka Martin out and about on her Juliana bike it’s pretty obvious it’s not in the line up, although painted in Furtado colours it was hiding something. It seems the cat is out of the bag and this ad announces the Roubion, The brawn of a Bronson in the spirit of Julaina seems like the bike a lot of ladies have been waiting for!


And finally RockShox have trickled a little more info in regards to the inverted RS1 fork. Following on from the two awesome video teasers this ad confirms a few things. For starters it seems to be sporting a proprietary “Predictive Steering” hub, the steerer tube crown and fork legs are made from super stiff carbon and then the fork itself features increased small bump sensitivity. All the tech info will be out next week but they are shaping up to be a pretty rad XC fork!

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