Three weeks from now cyclists all over New Zealand will be riding from sunrise to sunset as part of the annual “Longest Day Ride”. In a few years the Longest Day Ride has gathered an underground cult following from trail riders to road cyclists to downhillers.

For added karma riders can raise money for Arthritis New Zealand. Some of the Longest Day Riders live with arthritis and are living proof that arthritis doesn’t need to stop you from smashing out a day ride on your bike. You can donate here.

We thought you might be interested by some of the Longest Day Ride plans we’ve heard about. For a bit of context there’s literally a second between Friday the 21st of December and Saturday the 22nd of December – so both are been counted as the longest days

This is by no means a definitive list. Longest Day Riders tend to be a secretive bunch, hatching their plans in darkened rooms over crumpled topomaps, and often we don’t know what people got up to until they mention their 250km cyclocross mission.

Whatever happens there’s going to be some damn interest ride reports, photos and GPS maps coming out of the Longest Day Ride – we’re looking forward to it.

Of course there’s plenty of time for you to join in the Longest Day Ride, even if you’re feeling totally unfit it’s amazing what a bit of pacing can do to get you through the day.

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