New Zealand distributor Cycletech has just picked up the agency for Revelate Designs, these guys are the leaders in frame bags and accessories for off-road touring and as you can see from their riders whips section, well they make something to cater for everyone. With that in mind, the timing couldn’t be better with two Brevet events just weeks away. There’s the Kennett’s biennial Kiwi Brevet event just around the corner in February and just a couple of days away there is the Great Southern Brevet. I’m guessing most people will have bags, but it’s never too late to upgrade or to even ride. I mean it’s not like you can train for eight days straight riding.

So if you’re interested in the Revelate bags, hit up your local bike shop or head to Cycletech’s website to purchase them directly online. Easy.

Revelate Designs is the world’s premiere manufacturer of bicycle frame bags and accessories for adventure touring.  Revelate products feature on the bikes of many extreme ultra endurance race winners and record holders.  The products are extremely well designed, and durable beyond compare.

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