If there’s one thing surer than death and taxes it’s mountain biking and hurt. Pedalling uphill hurts, falling off hurts, buying top end components hurts. But we love it. Spoke 44, The Hurt Issue, looks at all things pain. Sound gloomy? Fear not, while some mountain bikers were harmed during the making of this issue, they continue to ride and smile and even laugh in the face of danger. At least until the next crash.

There’s stories on the risks we take, the bones we break and the mistakes we make. Plus… Seb Kemp stays up with the midnight sun at the Scandanavian Photo Challenge in Sweden, Josh Kench stays up for weeks in the RAAM, Norbs stays up just long enough to clear a moving loco, and Julz and Mitch rise from the ashes of their near-death crashes. Saddle sores and Mongolian heat are no match for Daniel Carruthers, the world’s best junior XC racers are no match for our Anton Cooper, while Lewis Jones lights a match under some of the best dirt jumps in the land.

There’s also our regular columnists, amazing photography, products, reviews and features. It’s chock full o’ goodness and available everywhere goodness is sold. Even in your supermarket. And the price won’t hurt a bit.

You can buy it here right this minute.

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