spoke-53-cover-webIt’s been way too long since Issue 52, so we’re pretty chuffed that 53 is on its way to subscribers this week (and in the webshop NOW!) It’ll be gracing your local newsagent and selected supermarkets next week. Feast on the sneak preview for now…

Caleb got to ride the new 2014 GT Sensor and Force  in Utah (above) and Scott’s new Genius and Spark lines (below) in Switzerland (where he also shot the sweet cover image).


The lucky bugger was also in South Australia where the Melrose Fat Tyre Festival was going off…spoke-53-gospel-of-awesome

Retallack, British Columbia is fast becoming a must-ride destination… we got all the dirt in words and images from Riley and Mattias.



Teva sent a bunch of their top riders down south and Leif got to tag along for an unexpected journey…




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