Spoke-58-coverIssue 58 will be in shops Thursday and could be in your letterbox now! Here’s what’s in it for you…

First up, check out that cover. It’s a bit of a different look for Spoke, and we love it! Graeme Murray delivers the goods again with his dusty, moody shot of Mike Hopkins riding away into the forest in Rotorua.


In our feature story this issue, Laura Williamson sits down with New Zealand legend Laurence Mote and hears how a simple bee sting almost cost him not only his ability to ride, but his life. It’s been a long road back, and his story will astound and inspire you.

If you’re one of those mountain bikers that thinks roadies are the enemy, then you may just be convinced otherwise by Michael Flyger as he takes a look at the mutual benefits when crossing over from dirt to tar and back again.


Think it’s all beer and skittles going to a bike launch? Caleb puts in the hard yards at the Scott bikes launch in Utah to disprove the notion that he’s just on holiday.

Kelly McGarry thought Australia was all dingoes and desert, but came away from the Melrose Fat Tyre Festival with a much better appreciation of the trails and people who make up the South Aussie scene.

Ever wanted to go on a multi-day MTB adventure? Do you sprout superlatives frequently? Wondered why men think they are MTB gods? Thought about what’s in your chain lube? Keen to bake some bread? Know what REEB means? What’s going on at Skyline, in Morocco and North Carolina? We’ve go the answers to all these questions and ask a few of our own.

There’s so much more in Issue 58, grab a copy now at the newsagent, online or subscribe and get it before everyone else.

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