The holiday season is a terrible time to get anything done. Anything, that is, except getting fat on crap food, good beer and falling off your bike with a hangover. Well, that’s how it played out for the Spoke staff; the result being a less-than-efficient work process as we strived to meet deadlines and get Issue 60 into mailboxes and onto shelves.

You lucky subscribers have the magazine on its way right now, and everyone else should be able to pick up a copy later this week. So what’s in store? This…


Downhilling brothers Ed and Wyn Masters are taking Taranaki to the World Cup circuit and getting plenty of exposure with their online antics as well as being bloody fast. We find out just how quick they are climbing both the rankings and increasing their public profiles at the same time.


We head over to Aussie again, this time to see just how epic Mt Buller’s Alpine Epic trail really is, and come back impressed not only with it but everything else that is going on in the altitude of Victoria’s high country.


Talking about the weather is a full-time occupation in New Zealand, and mountain bikers more than most. But have you ever thought about what the effects of climate change and storm patterns have on the terrain we take for granted? Jono has a closer look into environmental impacts and how to deal with the results.


There’s more to press camps than just riding new bikes and eating free food; there are also opportunities to go beyond the boundaries and seek out new horizons with friends old and new. Kind of like getting out of a well-worn comfort zone, or moving to a new city for the riding, or putting aside pre-conceived perceptions about different types of bikes, or keeping secret trails just that… all of these important issues are covered in this important issue… Issue 60.

You can subscribe and get it in your mailbox, read it online or take a ride down to the local purveyor of fine reading material.

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