We just got our first shipment of Quiet Chaos technical riding jerseys from the multi talented Lester Perry. There’s a short 3/4 sleeved top and a full length jersey. We have limited numbers so if you’re keen get in quick as they won’t last.
stencilled_frontLong sleeve: ‘Stencilled’ jersey
Like a bit of DH? Maybe some BMX, or just a chilly morning trail ride? The Stencilled Jersey has you covered, literally. Tech fabrics help things breathe and keep you comfortable, a pop of color make sure you are plenty visible on your mates GoPro. Fortunately you’ll be so far up the trail all you’ll appear as is a blue, orange, and black speck in the distance. Buy now here.



striped_frontQuiet Chaos 3/4 Sleeve: ‘Striped’ jersey

Technical fabrics throughout keep you cool, with mesh panels on the sides of the chest (that’s the black bits either side) and on the back side of the jersey the fabric is designed to help heat dissipate quickly and leave you comfy, all ride long. Pitty it’s still up to your legs to push the pedals though! Buy now here.



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