super-02-resultsSuperDark 02 took place on Thursday night. Ten people turned out in what ended up being a clear, still, just-past-full-moon night on Skyline, above the Chartwell substation. It was a slippy run in places from the top of Skyline down into a natural bowl, but Mike the Hippy made a fast run and took out the win with a 7:58, followed very closely by Al Quinn. Special commendation should go to Callum, who raced with only a rear brake. Apparently he only skidded into a gate once.

So—the results:

Mike the Hippy 7:58
Al Quinn 8:01
Caleb 8:07
Jono 8:27
Leif 8:35
Tryfan 8:50
Callum 8:59
Mark 9:26
Vee 11:45
Anna 14:38

Putting the eeee back into epic, the next SuperDark will be in Belmont on Thursday the 16th. The course will definitely have a bunch of singletrack, and depending on the weather a bunch more descending than you’ll get on any other racetrack.

Meet at 6:30pm at the bottom of the Korokoro stream track on Cornish Street. As always, if it’s raining, you’ll get a bit damp. And lights are essential, actually you’ll need to bring a backup light/torch for the push/ride to the top of the track. If everything goes well we’ll be looking at at 30-40 minute times on this course and you don’t want to run out of light.

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