After a triumphant first attempt at a Super-D off Belmont trig last week (well, Caleb ripped off a derailleur hanger on the way up, and I clipped a rock face with my bars on the way back down and threw myself over the bars (onto the track, fortunately. It was a 4m drop down to the stream)), where Al Quinn won with a 19 minute something run (closely followed by Mike the Hippy).
This week it’s a wee bit closer to home (well, for some of us), with a run off the top of Mt KauKau. I’m not going to reveal the actual route yet (partly because there are a couple of options, I’m planning to ride some of them at lunchtime today, but mostly because it’s better when it’s a surprise, and pre-riding is cheating).

Meet on Thursday at Simla Crescent railway station at 6:30 for the fun and madness. As always, we’ll be on no matter what the weather, and lights are still optional (but recommended).

PS: For those that aren’t sure if SuperDark is for them, all SuperDark courses are suitable for (if not better on) 4-5″ bikes. It’s not downhill. It’s a mostly gravity-assisted trail ride. With a stopwatch at the bottom. Expect some climbing, and don’t expect jumps, drops or overly dodgy stuff. But mostly it’s about fun.

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