Super V

Wellington is about to get better (is that even possible?!) If you’re a girl and you live in New Zealand, you’re bound to know about the girls at Revolve Cycling Club in Wellington. The club has been around for a few years now, but girls have been hitting up the trails for ages! And on Saturday 16 March, the girls will celebrate how rad riding is with the second Super V! This year there is even a ‘Revolvette’ category for under 14 year olds — sweet! With the help of the guys in town, we’ll get shuttled to the top of Barking Emu and ride down Carparts Extension, Carparts, Roller Coaster, Highbury Fling, and Transient.

These are lovely intermediate trails that will take about 30-45minutes to ride across/down the hill. Last year Rachel Reynolds smoked it in 29 minutes. Word on the street is this year she’ll have some competition with Brenda (aka Bob) and Leigh coming up from Nelson, and local Rosara gracing us with her presence. But hey it’s not about the win (but you do get $250 cash!), it’s the beer at the end. Super Fun!

For more info check out the Revolve Cycling website and Enter HERE. (it’s only $30, sweet!)

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