We would never get to Luxmore Hut and terrain this high but it’s this kind of area and bush that the Kepler Track is nestled in. Photo DOC
Tom Hey just sent us this IMPORTANT STUFF!

T.A.C.I is Te Anau’s bike club. If you have ever been there then you know it has unbelievable terrain full of epic beech forest and snowcapped peaks, but zero bike trails! The T.A.C.I are trying to get access to parts of the Kepler Track and build heaps of epic beech forest singletrack trails.


Take a second and click the link to support their submission, or even better make your own saying something like “you should have bikes in Te Anau, I will come on holiday with all my friends and spend lots of money!”


Thank you.


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  1. Please take the time to make a submission, there is template at the bottom of the link page, this is the easiest way to make a submission because we’ve put all the biking relevant info in there for you. print it with your name and details on it, sign it and send, postal address or email are on the top of the form.We need submissions to make DOC do a change of the Park Management plan to allow bikes.
    Then its riding in some very sweet Beech forest single track, already built and waiting to be ridden.

  2. Submission done! Good effort dudes. Did something similar for the Draft Waikato CMS submission phase back in March. It’s a huge effort to review a draft CMS document and then put together a decent submission to cover all bases. So big ups and I hope you get lots of support. I’ve done some tramping in lots of those areas you are seeking access to…fantastic places and they would be superb locations to Mtb. Sure hope we can bike there in future! Bring it on. Yeeha!!

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