So Caleb was hating on 29ers, then rode one and now can’t (or won’t) shut up about how good the one he rode was. And it was the GT Sensor that made him gush. I must admit, my time on the big wheels has been limited to some of the rigid singlespeed variety, and they were fun, if not “life-changing”.  Spoke has just received the 2010 Sensor 9r, as they have only just arrived in the country (just in time for 2011!). We will be riding this bike pretty intensively so we can bring you the dirt (and more than a little Welly mud) in our December issue 39.

And while a commute home through Mt Vic, in the dark, sans lights, in jeans, on flat pedals, with the wrong air settings and rebound is no way to get a first impression, I have to say it, I think I’m gonna like it!  Maybe size does matter…

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