Kelly and Tom Hey put the finishing touches on the 2013 Teva Slopestyle course this morning and a few keen shredders took advantage of the day’s last rays of light to get a feel for the course.

Conor Macfarlane wasted no time and was first to send the new start ramp step down. It’s a tiny bit higher than last year, providing a bit more speed for the new and improved wallride.

Speaking of the wallride here’s Czech rider Tomas Zejda post bar spin catch…

And Teo Gustavson was just killing the fruit bowl whipping in and out. You can just see the edge of the giant finish quarter down the bottom. More photos tomorrow…

And a post about the completion of the Teva Slopestyle build wouldn’t be complete without a photo of the man himself, Mr McMassive.

Official practice kicks off tomorrow and we’ll be bringing you an edit tomorrow night as well as fresh post and a bunch of highlights. Stay tuned.

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