So you should remember the video of the TURD SANDWICH trail that was posted here last week. A superbly flowy looking trail in Queenstown, NZ that was handcrafted by a group of motivated renegades who call themselves The Alliance. Well I took time out from Christmas day drinking to sit down at my terminal and have an intercontinental four way interview with some members of The Alliance.

The four members I had the pleasure of chatting with were Tom Hey (who you may remember as one of the flatulent duo from Issue 33), Paul Angus (Last years BrakeBurner Champion), and Simon Smith (AKA Ginger Si AKA The Most Eccentric Man in Mountain Biking™ AKA The Fiery Torpedophile) who all work for Vertigo Bikes in Queenstown. To read the candid and very relaxed interview into the how, what, where and why of The Alliance which was conducted on Facebook Chat about half way into a bottle of Herradura Antigua then click HERE to be magically transported to the 2FLAT webber.

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