Commencal dropped the new Meta AM this morning, and damn if that ain’t one of the raddest looking bikes that Commencal have ever made. Details about the bike are below. What we do know is that it’s a super clean design based on the new DH rig and with all that rad internally routed tubing it’s going to be on a whole lot of people’s wish lists. It looks like it should be here in New Zealand around October (with the V3 DH bike).


This is what Commencal have to say so far:

“All Mountain. It’s about escaping it all, going anywhere and everywhere on your bike. Climbing up to the start of an epic descent, riding the most technical singletrack, adventuring out into fantastic scenery. Above all it’s about having as much of a blast on a descent as you would riding a downhill bike.

“This is how we see the design of All Mountain bikes at COMMENCAL, and it’s in this spirit that the Meta All Mountain has been developed. Increased rigidity, a lowered bottom bracket, improved pedaling reactivity and efficiency; the new Meta is not a cross-country bike that can descend, but it is most definitely a downhill bike that can climb.”



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