Rumours have been swirling around over the last few weeks regarding the date for the Dodzy Memorial Enduro, with everyone seeming to know someone who knows when it’s going down. But as of today we can let you know officially that it will be back and will be every bit as good as last year (in fact it will probably be a bit better as there are a few more trails). February 8th and 9th 2014 are the days to mark on the calendar; leave passes should be sorted and ferry and plane tickets booked promptly for your once a year opportunity to ride the immaculately sculpted private trails in the Wairoa Gorge MTB Park near Nelson.


If you were one of the lucky 200 that attended this year’s sold-out event in January, you’ll know just how much of a big deal securing your entry will be for this. The private Wairoa Gorge trails are what singletrack dreams are made of. Designed by NZ Trail Solutions (a company originally developed by the highly regarded mountain biker and all-round legend James ‘Dodzy’ Dodds) the many trails have been hand-built over the past three years, and after riding all over the world I would have no qualms in saying the singletrack at Wairoa is the best… in the world… period.


Although it’s technically a race, attending the event isn’t so much about competing as it is about shredding with your buddies on the best trails in New Zealand/the world. Unless you’re going for a top spot, your Saturday is best spent exploring the trails that you won’t be racing on the Sunday.

Sven Martin will no doubt be sans camera bag again trying to take the pretend old man class for the second year in a row

But enough of this rambling, the event is not to be missed, I think you get that. Below are all the details you need about the event and about securing your ticket!

RHL NZ are happy to announce the Dodzy Memorial Enduro is to take place at the Wairoa Gorge MTB Park, February 8/9 2014.

Cowboy will be hopefully be bringing his Weasel battle back to the gorge again

The format will be the same as this year’s inaugural event with:
– An Open Shuttle day on Saturday the 8th, (Including a short seeding run open all day).
– A ‘debrief’ at Deville’s in Nelson on the evening of Saturday 8th.
– Race day with three timed runs proceeded by a prize giving will follow on Sunday 9th.

We aren’t going to reinvent the wheel for year two. We’ve got a pretty good idea of what you liked:
• The entry fee is staying put at $150
• You’ll get a free T-shirt, and we guarantee it will fit this year.
• As above we will seed all riders and you’ll also race in categories. Saves all you blokes getting chicked by Gabby and Anka.
• There will be some locals to ride with, but you can still do you own thing.
• Our awesome sponsors are sending us a tonne, 1000kg, of spot prizes.
• We have another EPIC major spot prize to give out…More coming on that, let’s just say this time your mates won’t be jealous, they will be with you.
• Dave the Scotsman will be on the BBQ both days keeping your tummies full.
• EJ will keep the caffeine flowing.
• Believe it or not we have more, and arguably better, trails to ride… You can decide. Be constructive with any feedback though. Trail builders have feelings, they may overhear.
• Bullet points are best grouped in tens, so will leave it at that for now, there’s more though….

Gabby Molly and the other super fast women will be loving that its seeded this year, meaning they won't have to pass slower dudes.

All in all we’re planning to have 250 participants. Fifty spots are for sponsors and guests.

180 of the 200 remaining places will be opened to the public via online Formstack entry this Sunday, November 17, at 6pm. The remaining 20 will be available at a later date, we’re just confirming a couple of things first.

The link will be posted on the Dodzy Memorial Enduro Facebook site at 6pm Sunday, November 17.

We are predicting a moderate to high flow of interest sweeping over the internet at this time.

– You can only enter one person at a time.

– The format of the entry form (i.e. what we need to know) will be advertised before Sunday. You’ll need to remember things like: your name, your age, gender, wheel size. Real defining characteristics.

– Anyone without a Facebook account can email and the entry link will be emailed to you at 6pm. Be sure to dispatch a pigeon to pass that message on to anyone you know in that category.

– Once you have successfully entered you will get a message with a bank account to pay the entry fee to. Use your entry code (you will receive after entering) as a reference.

– We will confirm your entry with an email once payment is received.

Clear as mud? We hope so.
Any questions email
Event information, times etc will be emailed to successful entrants and will also be put up on this page.

Once again, we are so stoked to offer you the chance to come and ride ‘the Wairoa’. The vibe that you all created last year was something really special and we can’t wait to share it with you again.


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