Just when you thought there wasn’t room on your calendar for another enduro event, the good folk at the Buller MTB Club have gone and announced this bad boy to fill up the 31st of January. Yup, the Ghost Road Enduro is what it says, the course will cover 30km and be a staged race starting from the Ghost Lake Hut and finishing at the Lyell end.

For now they are keeping the timed sections under wraps but we can share that there is 300m of climbing and 1400m of descending; that’s a good ratio in our books. Don’t be deluded by the climbing, it will give your lungs a workout.10688434_531812000297552_6210238927427025613_o

The course will see you traversing open alpine mountain ridges through to lush West Coast rainforest. This is a true backcountry experience.

Follow the event on Facebook here or check out the official website here.

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