With #crankworxcoming and Fox clothing having just dropped a fresh range, it was time for a bit of a celebration!
Level, the Fox NZ distributor, took advantage of visiting pros and threw down a bit of a shred sesh at 440 Bike Park, just a stone’s throw from Auckland. Visiting pros Cam and Tyler McCaul alongside Chris and Clare Kovarik joined a group of Fox dealers and New Zealand team riders to cut some laps and take some snaps._MG_9604

To kick things off, Reece, Level head honcho, introduced the new range, not just new colours but an entirely new women’s range re-establishing Fox as the leaders in the category after a few season’s absence. The addition of a price point range of helmets (sub $400) will be welcomed by consumers, as will the introduction of MIPS to the top line Rampage Pro Carbon full face. As well as these new items, existing ranges get a new splash of colour, keeping them current and up with the latest ‘all-duro’ schemes. The new Fox range is seriously on point, load of tech in the fabrics, and styling ahead of the pack._MG_9621

As soon as Reece was done with his state of the nation presentation if was helmets on and to the hills. Steady trains of Fox clad riders took on every trail on the hill, whips, whoops and hollers echoed across the park, as the photo and video team popped up on every turn to get a banger, or be run into by Chris Kovarik blazing his own trail. A big session on the satellite berm saw Clare get higher up the wall than most guys ever do. Hayden Lee and Chris Kovarik went overs and unders as Hayden almost rode right out of the top of the berm as Chris drifted past on the low inside line._MG_9495

If you’re on Instagram you’ve no doubt seen the view from the top of 440, she’s a minter. Come last run of the day the McCaul bros goofed around, grabbing some last minute snaps for the gram and hit the trail, while Chris laid down some flat pedal thunder behind._MG_9460

A great day, solid crew, chilled vibe, bikes, BBQ, and grins all around! Everyone was stoked on a great day out._MG_9299

Thanks to Fox and Reece for having us along, and to Cam, Tyler, Clare and Chris, thanks for being rad.










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