I just heard today from a visitor to the office that the Speights Summit Super D has reached capacity and if you missed out you can still get in on a waiting list. It got me thinking that you should really all be planning your trip to Queenstown for the Festival. I mean the thing is ten days long and will require permission from both partners and bosses, and if you can’t manage the whole event, well you’ll have to choose then won’t you…

Below is the official event overview.

Queenstown Bike Festival
So much happening it is hard to know where to begin the story.

Mix the social, the wacky, the film nights, the elite and recreational riding program together with the kids Mini X and we have a full week.

Those that are coming for the 10 days will have heaps to do besides competitions. If you are in a party and social mood, then try the following; the World Bar 16″ World Championship, the Through The Lens showcase of mountain biking in the beautiful Southern Lakes, the DirtMasters after-party at Lone Star, the Slopestyle after-party at the Boiler Room or the Mega Avalanche and closing party at the end of the week.

For the elite competitors, and sports fanatics the riding week looks like this:

Sat 23 March – Speight’s Summit Super D
Tues 26 March – DirtMasters Downhill (Practise)
Weds 27 March – DirtMasters Downhill
Thurs 28 March- Teva Slopestyle
Sat 30 March – New World Tour de Wakatipu
Sun 31 March – Remarkables Mega Avalanche

Want to keep riding on other days? Check out some great trails in the Queenstown Bike Park, or in the surrounding hills, or explore the Queenstown Trail. Buy a copy of the QTMBC map and find endless entertainment.

The Konica Minolta Bikes in the Park will be one community event not to be missed with kids best-dressed-bike competiton, mini pump park and challenges that will entertain everyone.

We will also see the return of the ‘Bikes Made in NZ with Love’ competition. Last year this was won by the Queenstown designed and built Fraser. Look for the display of bikes in R & R during the week and vote on the public pick.

Speight’s Summit Super D
Saturday 23 March
Since opening the event early the stream of entries has been absolutely constant, and the riding list represents some of the best riders in the country.

The course is designed by Jarna MacKenzie and it is virtually a flip or mirror image of last year’s. “It rides really well”, says Jarna.

The race is now full with strong groups of riders from Christchurch, Australia, Dunedin, Nelson, Wellington and individuals from from Methven Darfield, Rotorua, Te Awamutu and everywhere in between.

Information and details at www.superd.co.nz

DirtMasters Downhill
Tuesday 26 March / Wednesday 27 March
The course will be designed again by Blair Christmas using the established trails in the Queenstown Bike Park, with the addition of the stairs in Brecon Street for a ceremonial finish..
Wyn Masters commented last year:

“Pretty much all of the Kiwi international riders showed up for it, making this already the biggest DH race in New Zealand this year. You know it’s going to be tough racing when you have four guys that have had World Cup podiums in the field! All in all it was an awesome event and an amazing week in Queenstown. All I can say is get there for next year everybody, you won’t be disappointed!”

For full information and details. Check out the web site. www.dirtmasters.co.nz

Entries will open early in the New Year.

Teva Slopestyle
Thursday 28 March
Last year a huge crowd saw action like never seen before in New Zealand.
And we expect to have a fantastic lineup of local and international riders to showcase freestyle in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Now a FMB World Tour Silver Event!

You thought it went off last year. This year the standard is going to be even higher with the Australians here in force, the Americans and Canadians, and Teva sponsored riders as well.

Come and check out some of the world’s best riders up close and personal as they flip and spin themselves off man size jumps and drops for big cash and prizes right in the heart of downtown Queenstown! Designed and built by some of the best in the business. For information and details:


Saturday 30 March
Millbrook to Chard Farm: From Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown to Chard Farm via the trails and tracks of the Wakatipu Basin with unique access through Cone Burn Station.

36kms fun riding for recreational bikers, 45kms for elite and sport racers. Music, food and wine at the finish line!

NEW: Exclusive 12.5kms run along the Kawarau Rivers right bank.

Entries are open with details on tourdewakatipu.co.nz

Sunday 31 March
Approval came throughjust before Christmas to run this event. This is the first and only Avalanche style event in the country!!

We have a one year permit to test the impact with a 100 rider limit. So this year is one not to be missed.

Starting high on the mountain ridge line visible from Queenstown, riders descend 1650 metres through wild country tracks, rocky drops, and tussocks covered slopes. Four wave mass start and chaos assured, this new event is reserved for high adrenaline addicted personalities only.

Entries for this event will open 10th Jan 2013.

In the meantime check out the event information at Remarkables Mega Avalanche

Bike Made In NZ with Love
Bicycle builders from all over the country, professionals, gifted amateurs, artists and dreamers are encouraged to show their creativity in producing their version of the perfect bike, be it road bikes, cruisers, cross, downhill, hot rods, porteurs (cargo bike) or commuters. Or anything that they wish to call a bike for that matter.

The 2013 ‘Made in New Zealand’ competition winner will be crowned at the Bike Festival Finale Party.

The full event schedule is available here on the Queenstown Bike Festival Site

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