The guys at Transition must be growing old; when they released the Bandit last year they discovered that you don’t need a whole bunch of travel to make a killer trail bike. Now they’ve discovered that when you add 29″ wheels to the mix, things get even better… maybe. Anyhow I’m assured this thing isn’t far off our shores, in fact Spoke‘s editor Brett wants one so bad he’d sell what’s left of his road riding soul.

That’s right folks, another new bike! This time Transition has announced via its website, a new Bandit 29″! The 26″ versions should be arriving on New Zealand shores any day now but in the meantime you can check out some sweet pics of the 29″ version. Unlike the Meta AM we have all the info: 130 mm travel, built for heavy trail riding with its Maxle out the back and Fox 34s and it’s even sporting ISCG tabs. So if you can count that’s three new 29″ trail bikes in as many days. Times they are a-changing.

This is what Transition has to say:

“Welcome to our first 29” wheel bike, the Bandit 29! More enduro than cross-country, the Bandit 29 has aggressive geometry and a stout frame that gives you the confidence to go anywhere without sacrificing on the way up. Based around 140 mm travel forks, the Bandit 29 features 130 mm rear wheel travel, a tapered head tube and 142 mm x 12 mm thru-axle dropouts. A slack head angle and low bottom bracket combined with the increased axle height of the 29” wheels gives the rider a more stable, planted feel on the trail. On a Bandit 29 you are “IN” the bike, not “ON” the bike. The Bandit 29 offers amazing cornering traction and increased confidence while descending. The 29” wheel size is a welcome addition to our product line and we think you’ll be stoked to see how much fun a big wheeled bike can be!”

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  1. I can see why Brett would sell what’s left of his soul after watching the promo video…….Riding backwards downhill has Brett written all over it

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