super-dThe Wellington Underground Super D (or if you’re too cool for Super D, think of it as an Enduro with week long liaison stages) kicked off back in 2007 and in 2013, six years in, it’s back with another four races leading into Christmas. For all those who complained that last year’s races started too early, we’ve put the start time back to 6:30pm, and to give it a 90s dance party feel, the location for each race will only be announced via the Underground Super D Twitter account which you can follow here. Leif may just have to download the first app EVER for his iPhone!
The only other change for this year is the fact that we’re throwing on a $5 entry fee for the series. This will go in the pot for the person with the combined lowest time to take it all (maybe) or we might just blow it all on ParrotDog beer for the final BBQ at the Spoke office.

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  1. Ah 2007, what a fine year that was. Hanging around at the turbine, wondering if anyone would show up, then waiting for Caleb at Holloway Road ’cause he missed rooty-track (which was very well signposted by a couple of sticks). Who’d have thought it would still be going six years later? Wednesday 27th you say?

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