It’s Friday morning in Fort William and everyone is waking up to blue skies and summer warmth. The loch is as calm as glass and the midges aren’t awake yet. There may be a few dull headaches though because last night was the world premiere of Clay Porter and John Lawlor’s two year downhill mountain bike epic, 3 Minute Gaps. There was so much excitement surrounding this movie premiere that the organisers had to schedule two showings last night and both were packed full of energised bikers. I’m still trying to process the movie in my head but if I was forced to make a reaction to the movie at this stage it would be to say that Gwin’s section did not disappoint and in fact exceeded my expectations; Hill opens with a White Zombie dust bowl that starts the movie off on the right cord; and Brendan Fairclough’s section was the section that will be most replayed as it’s blisteringly fast and fun.

Details of the 3MG New Zealand premieres are floating around somewhere.

Image by Sven Martin

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