tires-flyer-blankSo Ivan and Justin at Red Bull have run a couple of these Tires of Fire comps in the past but only Auckland. I’ve just had word that they are bringing the Fire to Wellington. Outside Te Papa to be exact.  It’s ANY SINGLESPEED BICYCLE. BMX, MTB, CRUISER or TRACK BIKE… …whatever, as long as there are no gears. And then you skid. Prizes for length. The Hummer will be there for sound and Red Bull to drink. So find some nice slick tyres and get practising. If you have no bike to skid get down there and watch, it’s going to be pretty dam cool. Check Red Bull Special Ops and Steady Rollin for more details.

Oh and just so you know, you don’t have to own a singlespeed or fixed wheel bike to enter Tires of Fire. I’ve posted up some pics of T Whites 20″ skid machine from a previous event… Check the second brake lever running the Finish Line road lubricant!!!

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